DK Thermal officially launched at ITTES 2016

tm-0516-news-dkittes630DK Thermal – a new joint venture between transport component providers, Japan’s Denso Corporation and China’s Kingtec – has officially launched at the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne.

According to DK Thermal, the young company has launched several trailer refrigeration units in a much talked-about Australian first.

“DK Thermal is a 50/50 Joint Venture merging Denso Corporation, which has specialised in automotive technology and refrigeration for decades, and Kingtec, which is China’s largest transport refrigeration company,” said Johan Holmstrom, Director of Kingtec in Australia.

Kingtec will be the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the DK Thermal product, with the new partnership leveraging on the distribution network and reputation that the Chinese company has built over the 15 years that it has been in the local commercial road transport market. “Denso will be using Kingtec’s Australian expertise and distributor network to make an entry into the region,” Holmstrom said.

“Over the next 12 months, DK Thermal will be testing new units in Australia, so we’ll be talking to fleets at the Show to find partners to test the new designs.

“It’s truly an exciting time for the transport refrigeration scene in Australia and New Zealand, because the size and scope of Denso is just astounding. If you want to talk companies that are ‘bigger than Ben Hur’, Denso is definitely one of them. It’s bigger than any Australian company, and along with its size it has a really solid reputation for automotive electronic excellence.”